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Pallet Racking for Sale at Melbourne’s Most Competitive Prices

Quality pallet storage and shelves for your business.

The Storage Centre offers business a large range of our own Safety Lock pallet racking, ideal for warehouses, storerooms and other storage facilities. Used by many businesses in all types of industries, pallet racking is integral to the storage solutions for pallets, and can be built to suit different heights, lengths and formations.

Whatever your space and whatever industry you’re in, we can help you find the perfect solution for you. Not ready to pay for a new system? We offer a range of second hand warehouse pallet racks systems that are in tip-top condition.

The different types of warehouse racks available from The Storage Centre include:

Double Deep Warehouse Pallet Racks

Our deep pallet rack systems store two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a double entry rack and are a great way to utilise your space. Double deep systems offer a better use of existing floor space for smaller warehouses.

Very Narrow Aisle Warehouse Racking

Narrow aisle warehouse racking consists of the same components as conventional racking, but with runs placed closer together eliminating the wasted space of a wide aisle. The pallets can be stored at a much greater height to fully maximize all available space. The pallets are accessed via specialist trucks, which are guided in the narrow aisles by either low or high profile floor mounted rails or electronic wire guidance in the floor.